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  • Queen Charlotte Track

  • The Marlborough Sounds, at the top of the South Island, are one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in New Zealand.

    Richly endowed with jewels of natural beauty, this intricate maze of waterways with its attractive beaches and lush greenery provides for the perfect nature experience. Immerse yourself in the area's natural charms by exploring the Queen Charlotte Track.

    This 70km spectacular walking track, stretching from historic Ship Cove to Anakiwa, passes through lush coastal forest, around coves and inlets, and along skyline ridges offering breathtaking views of the Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru Sounds.

  • You can walk the entire track over four days or enjoy a short walk depending on your timetable. The romance of arriving or departing the walkway by sea or air adds to the experience.

    The staff at The Villa can provide you with latest information on the track as well as current weather conditions.

    As QCT Specialists, we also provide a full complimentary booking service to arrange all your transport and accommodation needs to walk or bike the Queen Charlotte Track. We also sell the Multi-Day Track Pass at our reception desk.

    Our guests also enjoy discounted rates with Cougarline Water Taxis and we offer FREE Luggage Storage at the Hostel.

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    Get great discounts on the Track when you stay at and book through The Villa!

    You must have a CONFIRMED booking with The Villa to use our QCT booking service.

    Once you have have your trip planned out and you know what you want to book on your QCT adventure, use the form to send us the details.

    We will then make the necessary bookings on your behalf. Just collect all your booking vouchers and pay when you check in at The Villa.

    The Villa also offers FREE Bag Storage while you explore the Queen Charlotte track!



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    • Only those interested in the Multi-Day Trip need to select a Room Type and Location for each night.
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